9 Goals for 2017

I don’t like to set New Year’s Resolutions.  I know that the majority of Americans who set New Year’s Resolutions will not complete them.  If you need any proof of this, just go to a gym in January.  Not a single treadmill, stationary bike, or elliptical will be open!  But come back in late March, … More 9 Goals for 2017

A glimmer of hope

It hits out of nowhere.  And when I say hit, I mean like an IV narcotic.  Imagine you are in pain, excruciating pain.  You want to scream at the slow moving nurse to give you relief as fast as possible!  She screws in the syringe and slowly pushes the narcotic.  You count the agonizing seconds, … More A glimmer of hope

Grateful for Growth

We have now been Colorado residents for 4 weeks.  It’s crazy to think that it has been such a short time and already it feels like home.  I am amazed every day at the beauty of this place.  The expansive deep blue sky, the open rolling plains, the tall brown mountains framing the western sky, … More Grateful for Growth

Race Review: Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half Marathon

This past Sunday, I ran my 10th half marathon – and 3rd half marathon while pregnant! To be very honest, I have barely run in the last month.  The pregnancy-related fatigue, the busy-ness of trying to build a support system up here, doctor appointments, and dealing with the demands of two adorable, but very needy … More Race Review: Nationwide Children’s Hospital Columbus Half Marathon