The beginning

So, it all started when I was talking to a fellow student before our lab. We were discussing how crazy life is as nursing students – and how crazy the program is – when Sarah (the girl I have connected with the most) mentioned how cool it would be to document how nursing school REALLY is. I jumped all over the idea! How cool would it be to let everyone know what is really happening when I say, “School is…..”.

Of course, I’m not sure how many people will actually want to be reading this, but hey! I will be able to look back in a couple years and see what I was able to accomplish and recall the heartache, misery, and joy of trying desperately to accomplish something, and succeeding (hopefully).

First of all, some background. I am a RN student at J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College in Richmond. I started the program in Spring of 2010. My goal is to graduate by May of 2011 with honors. As of this moment, I am on Spring break of my first semester!! 🙂 The future looks like taking a very difficult course, containing almost exclusively pathophysiology and pharmacology, during the summer. Survival mode should be kicking in around June. 😛

That’s all for now! More to follow…..


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