Back to the grind….

The honeymoon is over. Spring break went by much too quickly! It has now been a week since school resumed, but my body is still revolting to pre-dawn hours…

Upon resuming class, we had our third test where I received my first D on a test! Not good. I am currently still at a passing grade. However, with another test approaching in two weeks, I am going to be working to bring it up to a B. Finals are looming in the very near future, which is going to require much studying!

So, let me quickly go over what I’m suffering in:
NUR 111 – Nursing Fundamentals. Lecture twice a week, 1 Lab.
This class is pretty much an overview of what I will be doing. We have gone over Nursing Diagnoses, Infections, Documentation, Restoring Nutrition, Medications, etc. It’s been pretty boring, but some of it is interesting! 🙂

Health Assessment – If what I learned would be put on the weekly quizzes (instead of random, or even wrong info), I would be really happy! As that has not been the case, I have not enjoyed this class as much. It doesn’t help that this class is at 8 AM. The hardest part of this class is staying awake. We have been going over the various systems and how to assess them. For a final, we do have a written final in addition to a practical. I am not worried about the practical! However, since I’m not exactly what is going to be on the test (the workbook, the textbook, or info from both), I’m kinda worried….. We’ll see!

Clinical 645-2PM – Kinda boring. My normal day includes listening to report, giving a bed and bath, changing linens, taking vital signs, and taking a physical assessment of the patient. Last week, I gave my first meds, including an injection! 🙂 Hopefully this week, I will be going to Endoscopy.

ASL – my humanities class to keep me at full-time status. It’s easy, it’s fun, and I really enjoy it! In my next life, if I decide not to become a nutritionist, I would enjoy being an ASL Interpreter.


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