Last time I posted, I was just coming back from Spring break. Now, I am looking down three weeks of finals before Nursing 112 hits this summer! For this week, I have two practicals – one for my Health Assessment class (I got an A!!!), and my Lab practical on Friday morning. Next week, I have the final written exam for my Health Assessment class. I need to do well on that exam to boost my percentage 2 points to hit the A. The week after that, I have 4 tests:
Monday – the last exam of the last unit
Tuesday – a standardized exam from Kaplan, worth 3/10ths of a point, extra credit. That evening is my ASL final
Thursday – the written final for NUR 111.
Can someone shoot me now?

After these exams, I have 2 free weeks before summer classes start on May 24. Yes, I did stay up until 12 AM the day before Test 4 a week ago to register for NUR 112 this summer. I got into Section 2, which has lecture Mondays and Wednesdays 8-12 with the other 2 sections, but clinical (Thursday and Friday, 645-4) at Henrico Doctor’s Forest Campus. I tried to get into MCV, but that section filled by 12:01! I was not alone….. Fortunately, my best friend in nursing school also got into Section 2 with me! 🙂 Sarah and I will be able to suffer thru clinic for at least one more semester… 🙂

So, for the next two weeks, you probably won’t hear very much from me… I will be studying my brains out for all these exams as well as trying to work, maintain a clean house, and finish my training for the Historic Half marathon in Fredericksburg on May 16th. My goals for these final weeks are:
1) Do well on my Health Assessment written final to bring my percentage to a 92 so I will have an A
2) While I would like to get an A for my NUR111 class, I will be very happy to maintain my B. However, I can’t do badly on my last 3 exams. I am already at a borderline B, so I will need to study very hard and do well on my next 3 exams to be solidly at a B. In 2 weeks from now, I will probably be able to tell you anything you want to know about fluid and electrolyte balances!


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