How does this work??

Somehow, I have been taking 3 classes this semester: ASL 102, Nursing Fundamentals, and Health Assessment. However, I have been having finals since last week! In short I will be completing 7 exams before I enjoy my two weeks of freedom before summer semester starts – how does this work?

I have one final for ASL. I’m not at all worried about it! I really enjoy that class, and it’s really easy for me to grasp. I will be finishing that class with an A this semester…

For Health Assessment, I have had a practical final last week and the written final tomorrow. Wahoo! As of the moment, I have a 90% average in that class. An A is 92. I hope to spend the rest of my time today studying cranial nerves and diagrams today, do well on my exam tomorrow, and hopefully get that A! 🙂 Keep praying, crossing fingers, and STUDYING!!!

Nursing Fundamentals. This class sucks. Ever since Spring Break, I have really struggled with paying attention in class. I have a short attention span as it is – this is just making it worse! I have come to the conclusion that I need to be knitting in class. When I knit, my hands are active which allows my brain to pay attention a little more. Go figure! Anyways, I had the Lab final last week and got an 80%. This is a C, but it is passing. At the moment, I am right on the border of a C and a B. My class average is currently an 84.5%. An 85 is a B.

Here is where all my exams are accounted for. Next Monday, I have test 5 covering Stress, Loss, Fluid/Electrolyte Imbalance, Sleep, and Confusion. On Tuesday, there is a standardized test called Kaplan that I must take. It is worth 3/10ths of an extra credit point. Yeeeeeaaaaahhh….. *insert weird face* That evening, I have my ASL final. Thursday, I have the cumulative final for my Fundamentals class. Why they decided it would be such a great idea to put the cumulative final only three days after the last unit test is beyond me! I really think they just want to see how much stress they could place on the poor first semester nursing students!

I have somewhat struggled with this class with respect that I have been a straight A student my whole academic career. Now, I have struggled and studied and am hoping for a B. There are students in my class that get it – they have high grades, while I am struggling to bring my grade up to a B. Is it humbling? Perhaps. Am I feeling embarrassed for not having an A in this class? Perhaps. I am not freaking out over this grade. I will pass this class and move onto the next one. Lord willing, I will understand the application aspect of Nursing 112 better than 111!

My advice to new nursing students – Keep Breathing! 🙂


One thought on “How does this work??

  1. You are an amazing student and just because someone else may get a higher grade than you does not mean that in practical application they will be a better nurse. Keep breathing and I'll keep praying. I love you!


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