It’s over!!!

That’s right! I have finished the Spring semester of 2010! Although I did not do as well as I would have liked (I have 2 B’s), I did not get any C’s! 🙂 The CPR class I had to take at the VEERRRY beginning of this semester to bring my CPR certifications up to 3 (Red Cross, J Ellis for Lifeguarding, and now AHA!) was the first A. A two day class where I am re-taught everything I have learned for the past 3 years. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

I did get the A in ASL. My teacher was so sweet and even gave me a hug when I finished my final! 🙂 If anyone is planning on taking ASL in the future at J Sarg, take Pat Trice! She is very good, kind, easy going, and teaches very well! While I did get a little bored at the beginning of her class, I have made great strides in my signing under her instruction! My two B’s were indeed my nursing classes.

Overall, this semester has been rather humbling for me. I have had to work hard and struggle in my nursing classes as I have not had to struggle since I took college chemistry two years ago. I am so used to having a 4.0 GPA; that has been my standard. Now, I have to look at having a 3.643 and know that that IS my best. I am no longer the top in my class.

Does that mean that I give up on trying hard? Absolutely NOT! I have one more week of summer break before starting back for Nursing 112 – Disease Process with Pharmacology. I am grateful for having this break so that I can regroup and regain my drive so I can go back and give Pathophysiology everything I’ve got! 🙂

God, give me strength and motivation, as well as peace, to get through one more class…


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