Can we PLEASE get our act together???

So, I’m all set for summer classes, right? I’ve got my Med-Surg book, I’ve read a couple chapters, I got my schedule changed at work, I cleaned up my office. Nursing 112, here I come!

And then, I checked Blackboard…

Turns out that J Sarg does not have their whole act together, or if they do, they decide to NOT tell their students what is REALLY going on until it is absolutely necessary. Go figure.

Offense #1) The college catalog says NUR 112 section 2 has class Monday/Wednesday. So, I changed my schedule so I would be able to work Tuesday morning. I check the syllabus this week. Class is Monday/TUESDAY, off Wednesday, Clinic Thursday/Friday. So, I’m stuck next week having to find someone to cover or switch my Tuesday shift and try to get my managers to approve the change ASAP instead of taking 2 weeks to become effective.

Offense #2) I must show proof (AGAIN) of my current CPR card and my PPD test. Is it not possible to have a file of these things??? I appreciate you telling me a week before classes (it could have been the day of class!), but really. This is a little old.

Offense #3) According to the syllabus, I must buy books. Just in case someone somewhere thought I was lying, I really am a poor college student married to another poor college student! I don’t have $500 lying around with nothing better to be spent on than nursing books. For goodness sake, I just discovered this morning that the prelude has a 6 inch hairline crack in the windshield! And really, why am I going to need to be learning about “The Essentials of Leadership and Management” in a pathophysiology class??? I can understand needing”Intravenous Medications”, but Leadership and Management?? By the way, you have to have a Master’s degree to be in Nursing Management. *insert eyes rolling*

Alright, I’m done venting. If you haven’t guessed already, I’m not a fan of the college system. You talk to an adviser, they send you to Financial Aid, who sends you to the Business Office, who sends you over to a different adviser, who tells you to take these classes that you end up not needing! No, this has not happened to me. I self-advise. But I have had friends who have gone through a similar situation. If someone in the college could coordinate efforts, things would run a lot smoother for us poor, confused students…


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