The last straw

On top of all my other offenses with J Sarg, I got a letter in the mail on Friday morning. I open it as I walk to my car to go to work. It is informing me that I no longer have Satisfactory Academic Progress and am being withdrawn from receiving any Financial Aid, effective immediately.

WHAT THE HECK??? Apparently, my attempted credits have exceeded my program length by 150%!

Great. So, I text Google to get the phone number for Financial Aid so I can resolve this issue immediately. The fact that I am being withdrawn from Summer Financial Aid is not a big deal – I’ve already paid out of pocket for the summer semester. However, I sincerely doubt I will have $2000 sitting in my bank account to pay for tuition and books for the fall. And guess what! Yup, no one picks up the phone. Despite the fact that I am calling in the morning around 10 am, J Sarg is “experiencing an increased volume in phone calls because we are currently going through summer registration.” So, after calling 5 or 6 times, I give up and go into work totally frustrated and ready to hit something (or someone) really hard…. But, I refrain. 🙂

So today, after waiting almost 2 hours this afternoon, I finally got this whole thing straightened out. I finally get seen by the financial aid lady and give her my letter.
“Oh,” says she. “You need to make an appeal.”
Wait a minute. It says I’ve exceeded my program length by 150%. I’ve just completed my first semester of nursing. How can I exceed my program length? Fortunately, she was willing to listen and come to understand that I am no longer Pre-Nursing, but have been an actual Nursing Student for a full semester now. So, she handed me another form and told me to take it to the Nursing Department. Well, in case she didn’t know, that department is not small, and I’ve learned by now to ask who specifically I should see.

So, up 5 flights of stairs I trudge. I go to the head of the Nursing Department, Nancy O’Donnell. Evidently my Nursing 111 instructor Lisa Stone should have changed my code over. Did she do it? Nope! And it waits a whole semester before anyone catches it!

So, I now have my code changed, or in the process of being changed, and I plan on bugging someone until I have all of my financial aid back where it needs to be…


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