Almost to the halfway point…..

So, I haven’t updated in a while. Basically, life sucks. Actually, if it doesn’t involve studying, lecture, or clinic (ehh, we’ll throw in eating and sleeping for good measure…), than I don’t HAVE a life. 😛

Silliness aside, it’s true. Currently, I am not passing this class. I took two quizzes, each counting at as 5% of the total grade. I didn’t do so well on them. Got a C and a D. The first test I took (10% of my grade) was a bomb. I totally failed that test. I did pass the second test, but not enough to bring my grade up to passing. Therefore, I’ve done nothing but study hypertension, strokes, venous insufficiency, arterial insufficiency, DVTs, and a whole host of drugs for the past week. I overslept for clinic yesterday and didn’t tell my teacher until 1 hour after I was supposed to be there and got a written counseling form saying I was a No-call, No-show for the day (unexcused). I have to make up a clinical day and cannot miss another day. Therefore, my family had better not plan any major emergencies in the next 3 weeks, or I’m screwed.

Needless to say, life sucks right about now. I’m learning to operate without seeing my husband much at all and having very little sleep, or down time. As soon as I finish updating this blog, I plan on refilling my Nalgene, finding something resembling food, and going back to study again. I cannot see my family very much (despite missing them so…), I haven’t seen any non-nursing friends since I started this semester, and i still have another month to go… Can I make it through? Time alone will tell, starting on Monday (test… gulp!).

Striving, praying, and hoping for success in this program, I remain,
Caty Winyard 🙂
aka KT


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