Nursing 112 – Disease Process

So, I officially really like Anna Moore. I have heard that she is a B****, she’s a stickler, and a no-nonsense girl. I can see how people think all the above is true. However, in my opinion, she is a wonderful instructor! I shall give an example; during class two days ago, we were going over some drugs used for cataracts, glaucoma, and osteoporosis. She was telling us some of the side effects of each medication, but made us tell WHY it had that effect. For instance, Betaxolol can cause bradycardia. WHY? Because Betaxolol is a Beta adrenergic blocker which activates parasympathetic receptors (acytacholine receptors) which slow the heart rate.

She does have a hard time understanding what you are asking sometimes. Her speech is a little… different. Some will remember my amusement at Mrs. Stone’s facial expressions at the oddest times. Well, Mrs Moore has a very peculiar and somewhat annoying dialect. However, her teaching style of making you think is very appreciated by at least one student! On the first day of class, she was stated that she was very willing to help you out if you needed assistance in this course, and stated that if you do badly on the first quiz (Tuesday), to come immediately to see her so she can work with you about test-taking strategies.

Again, not a warm-fuzzy person, but she gets her point across. As long as you don’t need your hand to be held every step of the way in this course, you should do fine. I am very excited to work more with Mrs. Moore! 🙂


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