I like to arrive to my clinical site early. I have time to find parking, walk a million steps to the lobby of the Maternity unit, drink my coffee, and mentally prepare for the next ten hours. Well, this morning was different. I had been sitting more more than five minutes in the waiting area than my clinical instructor (Mrs N.) comes in and calls me back. Apparently there was a patient who was laboring all night and was currently at 9 cm dilated. For those who don’t know what that means, she was ready to have a baby! 🙂

So, at 8:57, after less then 30 minutes of pushing, my patient has her first child, a beautiful, healthy baby girl! 🙂 The whole atmosphere – the relief and joy of the parents, the happiness, the bliss of hearing a baby’s first cry – was so electrifying and filled with bliss that I couldn’t help but shed a few tears of joy along with the parents. Even after I had gone back with Mrs. N. to talk with the other students, I couldn’t help smiling. One of the other students mentioned quietly to me how happy I looked. I can’t imagine a more gracious God than one who allows us to experience the unutterable joy of seeing the birth of a new baby. What will she do with her life? Will she be responsive to her parents’ teachings? Will she respond and accept the Lord to be her God? I will never know these answers. I can pray for Collins Elle Easter, and will certainly do so! But I will always be grateful for the gift of life that I was able to observe in room 364 at Johnston Willis today. 🙂

On a side note, I am thankful to my parents for giving me camera experience in my childhood. When the time came to cut the umbilical cord, the doctor gave the scissors to the dad, who had a camera. I managed to all but take the camera from his hands and got several (probably 50) shots of the cutting, and then later of the parents with their daughter! 🙂 So, thank you Mom and Dad for having a Cannon SLR for me to practice on! 🙂


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