Goals and baby steps

As graduation is a mere 3 classes away from me, I have started looking towards how to get to the next phase of my education.

The ultimate prize: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

VCU School of Nursing has a program, designed for RNs who have an associate’s degree, that will get me my BSN and MS in 3 years, if I go full time. I could apply to get my Bachelor’s and then for the Master’s, but this program gives me both in one fell swoop! 🙂

So today, I started looking at else I need to accomplish before February 1, 2011. It’s quite the laundry list. I need to ask three past nursing instructors to give me a reference, write a personal statement/essay, compose a resume, and study to CLEP out of Microbiology. All while trying to maintain my “A” average in Maternity, go through Psychiatric Nursing, and my online Philosophy class. Oh yeah, and I’m still working as a waitress.

At this point, I know I want to get my Master’s. However, I also want to start having a family before I’m 25. My fear is that after going through nursing school, I’m going to be so done with the stress of passing classes, studying like crazy, and having no life that I won’t want to go right into grad school. But, knowing me (and according to 95% of the nurses I’ve talked to), if I don’t get it now, I will never get my Master’s.

That’s about where I’m at right now. I will keep trusting that the Lord will continue to guide my steps towards whatever He wants me to do! 🙂


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