The effect of sin

A few weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with my sister Chelsea. We were at the park playing with her two girls when the conversation turned to Genesis. Her pastor was talking about the curse God put on the woman, how her childbearing will no longer be easy. He was saying that the original Greek or Latin word for childbearing had more meaning than just giving birth – it had more to do with Motherhood in general.

And then it hit me. All my life, I’ve seen pregnancies and some of its complications. I know giving birth is painful. Since being in this class, I have learned and seen just how painful labor can be! So, during this conversation with my sister, it occurred to me that this pain is not natural! It is not how God intended pregnancy to be! He created all things, and “It was good.” Therefore, if the curse of sin (for women) is that childbearing will be difficult and painful, that means that it was not created to be that way!

The more I am in nursing and learning about the human body, and more specifically what often ails the human body, I am seeing more and more the effects of sin in this life.


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