Giving thanks

Yes, I know this is my second posting today after how many weeks of silence? Anyways, bear with me. 🙂

Last night, David and I went straight from the gym to Ikea in Woodbridge to purchase a sofa-bed. We have been looking at futons for a while now, but have found nothing on Craigslist. My friend Lis commutes from Caroline County to VCU here in Richmond. She has late classes and has often come over to crash at our house. For the past semester and a few weeks, she has been a good sport and slept on my very small loveseat/couch in the middle of my living room.

When we found out I was pregnant, I asked David to find a two-bedroom apartment for two reasons; 1) our current place was a tight fit with just the two of us, let alone a baby, and 2) I refused to move when I would be in my third trimester/having a few weeks-old baby. When we lost the baby, I still kinda wanted to move. I wanted Lis and anyone else that stayed at our house to have a comfortable place to sleep. So, a few weeks later, David found Hanover Crossing – and we moved!

So, last night, we finally found a sofa-bed online, drove to Ikea (LOVE that store!), and set it up that night! So, when I got up this morning, I was so excited that my house was finally coming to order that I promptly hung our two guitar hangers on the wall! This evening, I managed to make a very easy and nutritious dinner, play cards with my husband, and am now doing more schoolwork!

While I know we will have many more struggles ahead of us, I cannot help but stop and give thanks for the numerous blessings God has given to me and my husband. I have a new home that gives me great joy, especially when I compare it to where I was. I have an office/music room that I can actually study in. I have awesome kitchen where I have enough counter space that allows me to actually use my cookbook holder! I have a wonderful husband who cares and loves me more than I can imagine. I have incredibly supportive family and friends, who continue to pray for me as I struggle with a daily heartache. I have a wonderful, perfect, omnipotent, sovereign, loving Father who provides for us! He deals me blows I don’t expect, but all the while showing me His never-ending love and bringing me closer to Him!


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