What do you do when life hands you insomnia?

Make coffee and do school!

This is the second time this week that I have seen 4AM, 5AM, 6AM, and 7AM in consecutive order. Last time was on Saturday night. I got home late from work and didn’t get to bed until 1AM, only to be awake from 5:30 until 700. Naturally, when it was time to get up and ready for church, I had just fallen into a deeper sleep. I managed to get showered and even in the car on time before breaking down into tears from exhaustion. David had pity on me and put me right back to bed, where I slept until 1:30PM.

However, I’m now looking at the same situation. 4:50AM rolls around to awaken me for no apparent reason. 5:30AM pops in and still finds me exhausted but unable to return to Lala Land. At that point, I’m debating whether to take Benadryl or just stay up and try to accomplish some schoolwork. Do I want to be drugged for the next 5 hours, or should I just deal with being tired?

I got up and made coffee. Something tells me I’m going to need it…


3 thoughts on “What do you do when life hands you insomnia?

  1. That is no fun! Try taking a half dose of benadryl right before you go to bed and see if that helps. The nice thing is if you only take a half dose you don't wake up with that foggy/hung over feeling. I hope you get a good night sleep soon!


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