The Best Husband Ever award goes to….. Mine!

So, I officially became the immediate envy of just about every female co-worker of mine today!

David and I have a pretty crazy weekend ahead of us. He had clinic today while I headed off to work. David was going to leave clinic early so that he could go to a Christian hard rock concert in Mechanicsville, MD with one of his buddies. By the time I got home from work, he was about to walk out the door. Tomorrow, David is going to try out for two baseball teams, I need to run 4 miles somewhere and work more on my paper. We both work tomorrow night. Sunday, David has a baseball practice at 3pm while I head to my family’s house for the day after church. Basically, we aren’t planning on seeing each other more than, “Good mornings.”

At work today, I had just been taking the orders from a 16-top (for those who haven’t served, that’s server-lingo for a table of 16 guests) when the hostess asked if I could pick up another table. “Hello! I’m crazy busy and you want me to pick up another table?!? I don’t think so!” She proceeds to tell me, “Yes, you are going to pick up this table because I think it’s your husband!” Hmm…. That’s weird! It’s 12:30 and he should be at clinic! Sure enough, much to my happiness, David comes waltzing over in his scrubs, lab coat, and red Flying Squirrels hat. Not only that, but he brings me TWO bouquets of red and white ROSES!!!! *insert humongus grin* Meanwhile, I have all servers (all female, of course!) inquiring if that cute guy is my husband, what the special occasion is, how sweet he brought me FLOWERS to WORK! Even my general manager, Robert Green, was impressed. When I told him that was my husband sitting at table 24, he asked, “Why didn’t he bring me flowers?” It’s enough to make me beam the rest of the day, as well as survive my 16-top.

So yes, life is still crazy. Life is going to continue to be crazy for at least another 6 months. But, I do have a wonderful, amazing, romantic husband who does the little things that remind me how much I am loved! I hope and pray that I may continue to do the same for him!


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