Haven’t I been here before???

So, remember back in NUR 112 last summer where I was failing up until the final? Well, I’m in the same boat. Again. 😦 It seems that I didn’t learn my lesson the first time, so I’m back for Round 2.

Basically, I have a 76 average in Peds. An 80 is passing. I have three tests left – that includes the final. If I fail this class, I will more than likely not be allowed into a summer section and will potentially graduate in December of 2011. I still have my final Acute Medical-Surgical class to take.

Fortunately, I only have 3 more weeks until my 3 week summer break. Unfortunately, I have 3 finals this semester. That’s right. Because I couldn’t get into NUR 208 (Acute Med-Surg) for the first 8 week session this semester, I had to take two extra classes to stay at full-time status. If I went to part-time status, I would lose my financial aid and scholarship. Thus, I am taking Cultural Geography, Microbiology, as well as Pediatric Nursing. Hmm… Maybe there is a reason I’m not doing well in one class. Unfortunately, it is THE important class. 😦

This past Sunday, David and I actually made it to church. Woohoo! There was a guest pastor who preached from Psalm 23. He asked the congregation, “Do you feel and act that the Lord is shepherd providing everything you need?” I felt that it was a rhetorical question and thought to myself, “Yes!” Then, he proceeded to read an Anti-Psalm 23: “I am on my own. No one looks out for me. I am thirsty and have to take care of everything on my own.” Kinda sounds like a pity party, right? The scary thing was that I saw myself in that Anti-Psalm. I realized that I once again fell into the trap of thinking I have to get through these classes on my own. It is up to me to survive nursing school and graduate on time. I also realized that if I don’t complete this class, that is the Lord’s plan for me. While I very much desire to be done with nursing school once and for all, I realize that those plans of mine may have to wait a little while.

I don’t like being in this situation. I’ve been called an overachiever – I always strive for that A+. But, I realize that sometimes I need a wake-up call to be reminded that I am not alone, I have a sovereign God who does EVERYTHING for my ultimate good.

While nursing school is hard, I am not alone. I am a wandering sheep, prone to think I am self-sufficient. But then I feel His rod and staff, and I am reminded that I have a good Shepherd who looks out for this wandering, ADHD sheep.


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