"The last melon!"

One last class stands in the way of my Registered Nursing license. Only 8 weeks of my life before I can start my career as a RN. I’M ALMOST THERE!!!

Unfortunately, this just happens to be the hardest class of the entire J. Sarg nursing program. Why the wonderful faculty *insert sarcasm* decide to put a weed-out class at the VERY END of the program continues to baffle me. But, if you try to call, text, or Facebook me and I don’t respond, it is because I am up to my ears in reading, studying, and attending class. An average reading load is looking like 8 chapters per week! EEK!!!

On top of my apprehension of just passing this class, my anxiety increased about tenfold only 2 hours into class (my first class today!). When I sit in lectures greater than 2 hours, I zone out. I look like I’m paying attention, but I’m probably thinking about where I’m going to run after class, what chores need to be done around the house, and why the classroom is so freakin’ cold. However, I have found that when I knit (during lecture), I actually listen and retain information much better! Even though I know I am oblivious to my surroundings. All of my teachers in my past 6 nursing classes have never had a problem with my knitting. My past teachers and fellow students will ask me about why I’m knitting (they ask while we are on a break, mind you), and I honestly tell them it helps me pay attention.

Well, one of my NUR 208 teachers does not take kindly to knitters. Maybe she got stabbed with a knitting needle by a boisterous sibling in her childhood. Regardless, she put her hands on the end of my desk, and stared at me 8 inches away from my face before telling me that I was not allowed to knit in class in a “How dare you do such a thing while I’m talking!” tone. She told me that I was distracting to other students because they were looking at me and I was distracting to her. I apologized and tried telling her that it helps me to concentrate. She tried cutting me off and eventually told me I had to stop or sit in the very back of the class.

Needless to say, I put my scarf away directly. Despite my best efforts to fly under the radar, I have successfully offended my instructor. Fortunately, she is not teaching every class OR teaching my clinical! Thank the Lord for His provisions!!!

So, for the next 8 weeks, I will be reading, writing, studying, working (at clinical), and maybe eating and sleeping. Oh, and definitely running! Lord willing, I will survive, pass, and graduate by mid-July! If you don’t know where to find me, I promise to resurface eventually.

Until then, I shall return back to reading about cardiac problems. Two chapters down, four more to go…

(And for anyone who doesn’t watch kid movies, that very appropriate quote was from Ice Age.)


2 thoughts on “"The last melon!"

  1. I crocheted a ton in college and never encountered a professor like that. How rude! I guess she's just one of those profs you can never win with. Also—I'm so proud of all the hard work you've put into your education. You seem overwhelmed a lot but you're down to the last bit! Keep going strong & Congrats!!


  2. Yeah, none of my professors have EVER had an issue with it. I really think if I had prepped her ahead of time and “asked permission” she would have been fine with it. Just one of those people who has to nit-pick at every little thing! Grr… Thanks for the encouragement, dear! 🙂


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