Quick update

Here’s the scoop:

I am now going into the third week of classes, which means only 5 weeks left!!! Lord willing, they will pass swiftly and without too much added stress. My first test on Cardiac is tomorrow. I’ve been studying dysrhythmias, heart failure, shock, and aortic aneurysms for the past two weeks! Lord willing, it will pay off. Please pray that I will do well on this test!

Clinical-wise, can I just say that I love my clinical instructor?? Ms. Moore was my lecture instructor in NUR 112 and is also lecturing some of the material for this class. In clinical, I’ve come to her to check on my paperwork (if I’m documenting in the appropriate fashion) and when she tells me what I’m missing/what’s wrong, she does not do it in a condescending manner! She helps me think through what I’m doing wrong, what I’m missing, and what to include for next time. Yes, I will be out in the “real world” after this last class, but I also haven’t worked on a medical-surgical floor in a year. Therefore, my assessment and documentation skills are a little rusty. But, I am so thankful for a teacher who makes me believe she wants me to get it and is willing to help me get there.

On a side note, David had an interview at St. Mary’s Hospital last week. It went really well, and he was excited to want to work there! They specialize in procedures he is very familiar with, the staff was very friendly, and it is a Bon Secours hospital, which has a very good reputation. He was very anxious on Friday because he was supposed to hear their decision that day, but they never called. However, he got a call this morning from them with a job offer!!! =D We are both so grateful and excited! He starts on June 20. So, we are praising God for providing for us with this incredible job for David, we are also praying fervently that I can pass NUR 208 and graduate without any more delays!

That’s about it! I’ll write more tomorrow (Lord willing) in between studying, class, and running. 🙂


One thought on “Quick update

  1. So happy for the both of you! Best of luck with the last few weeks of class. I'm sure you're working hard, so you better plan something fun & relaxing for when you're done! Congrats again!


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