It keeps getting better…

So, I totally bombed the first NUR 208 test. Apparently, so did everyone else in my class! Does it strike you as a little odd that 50 students failed the same test??? I think so.

Anyhow, I stressed, studied, stressed some more, and took the second of seven tests this morning. My unofficial grade says I failed again! Of everyone in my group of 20 students, I’ve not talked to one student who passed this test. Starting to see a trend?? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

I am currently 4 weeks into this class. I have lost 5 pounds, I’m chronically exhausted, and can barely eat anything. My clinical instructor wrote on my evaluation that I seem to lack confidence. Darn right! My entire clinical experience has been wrought with stress and almost panic-level anxiety! Yet, she has done nothing to find out why I am “lacking confidence”. She would rather go off on a student for having a cup of coffee in the student’s hand while standing at the nurses’ station (because it is a Joint Commission offense). She and my other lecture instructor tell us to not stress over the bad test grades and to just read the book and power points. What the hell does they think we do?!? I have done nothing BUT read my ginormous textbook and her powerpoints! I have done everything Ms. Brittingham (lecture) and Ms. Moore (lecture and clinical) has recommended – study habits, note-taking, attending tutoring. Despite all my efforts, I am failing the class. And so is just about everyone else.

Do ya think there is an issue somewhere? Personally, I don’t think the issue is with the students. If 90% of the class is failing, the disconnect is not with us.

So, as it stands, I have requested a meeting for tomorrow with the Dean of Nursing. I have at least 10 other students who are willing to come with me to discuss our grievances. I hope something good will be able to come out of this…

In the meantime, I will try to clear my head enough to be able to concentrate on studying Renal (kidneys). I do not have high hopes for the actually retaining this information, due to my high level of stress, frustration, and anxiety. Maybe tomorrow will bring some answers and resolution.


One thought on “It keeps getting better…

  1. It's a shame that these instructors are not noticing a trend and willing to do anything about it. As a high school teacher, if more than 40% of the class failed and grades were more or less in the same range, I threw out the scores, did some investigation on what questions students go wrong, re-taught, and then retested. Teachers MUST be willing to accept that they're not always perfect, and students can't always make the connections we want them to. When that doesn't happen, we've failed and must fix it. Same must happen in college…because essentially, if your students fail (as in a large percentage of the class), YOU (the teacher) also fails.


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