Update from NUR 208

Update on my last nursing class at J. Sargaent:

A few weeks ago, I believe I mentioned that almost the entire class of 50 students (including myself) was failing this last class in J. Sarg’s Nursing Program. After several emails and a few meetings with the Dean of Nursing, Program Coordinator, and both instructors, there are finally some solutions:
1. After the first four tests (cover 4 units of information), at least 80% of the class was failing. Therefore, it has been decided to review and re-test the entire class on those units. I have already taken the test for the first two units, and have a passing grade for the entire class! Praise the Lord! I have two more re-test units as well as a test on new information tomorrow. My concern is that instead of a 50 question test on this new information, it has been reduced to 20 questions (to include 40 questions from two re-test units). This puts a higher percentage on each question, and therefore a smaller margin-of-error for getting questions wrong.

2. Another solution is that instead of taking the final exam on July 15, the class is being extended until July 27 (the day of my final). However, I have completed all my clinical (hospital) time! From now until the end of the class, I now have an extra 2 1/2 days to study (since I don’t have any more clinicals)!! This is a huge blessing! 🙂

Thank you for all your prayers thus far with finding a solution! Please continue to pray that the Lord will bless my efforts in the remaining weeks and that I may pass this class, and that I will be content with whatever the outcome!

Thank you!
Caty Winyard


2 thoughts on “Update from NUR 208

  1. It just goes to show that prayer and perseverance really do the trick! Good luck to you Caty,and I will continue to pray for you as you finish up!


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