Nothin’ like a little R&R to rest the soul!

It has been wonderful these past 2 weeks to not study, not stress over test grades, or fall asleep memorizing side effects of beta blockers! At the same time, it has been quite the adjustment from studying for 5 straight days (you start begin to study in your dreams by Day 3) to NOTHING. However, I’m pleased to say that I think I have adjusted to my life as a graduated woman!

At the moment, I’m still waiting to take the Kaplan review class, which starts in 2 weeks. While I have not yet been told that I can take state boards, I hope to be an RN by the end of September. I can’t imagine that it will take almost 2 months for J. Sarg to send in my official transcripts… Then again, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

I am still applying for jobs, without hearing back from anyone yet. After 2 weeks of staying home cleaning and baking, I’m ready to get out of the house and start working somewhere! 🙂 I have never been out of a job for more than 3 months since I turned 14, so this staying in a quiet home all day long without my husband is very unusual for me. I think the quiet house is starting to get on my nerves…

Lastly, I am officially a student in the RN-BSN program at Liberty University Online! The only thing holding me back from starting classes is waiting to take state boards! They require my RN license number before I can register for classes. However, I hope to become an RN by the end of September, which will allow me to register for the second 8 week session! 🙂 This will put me with a BSN in about 1 1/2 years, and then it’s on to graduate school! 🙂

In short, I have greatly enjoyed the past few weeks of resting and relaxing in my home (aka cleaning, cooking, and doing other wifely things!). However, I am anxious and eager to being the next chapter of my life as a working RN! I am eager to put my newly acquired skills into action, as well as getting back into the academic world!

There is prayer request I would like to mention here. David has been thinking about going into Med School to become an Interventional Radiologist. He currently works in IR (Interventional radiology, or angiography) as a tech at St. Mary’s Hospital, but he has been toying with the idea of becoming a doctor for quite some time. However, if he pursues this and gets into Med School, that will require me to work pretty much full time for a while and could impact the timing of us starting a family. Naturally, there are a lot of variables and possible changes for us in the next couple years. Please pray for God’s guidance as we seek His Will in making this decision.


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