Update on life as a graduated, unlicensed RN

So, not much has happened since my last update.  It has been 5 weeks since I took the final test of my nursing school career, and I am still waiting for the paperwork to get into the right hands to allow me to take the state boards test, the infamous NCLEX.  Because the NCLEX is so difficult, my program has required me to pay about $50 per nursing class (yes, that’s in addition to books and tutition) to take a NCLEX prep course by Kaplan.  I finished the 8-day course last week, and am very grateful for it!  I learned some very helpful strategies in how to answer test questions as well as what areas I need to study again.  Although I don’t have my permission number to schedule my test, I am hoping to obtain my license sometime in October.

Until then, I’ve gone back to work as a waitress at Red Robin.  I had told my managers in May that I would be leaving to study full time for my NUR 208 class but that I would like to come back in August.  So, after about 2 weeks of not doing much after graduation, I was feeling a little stir-crazy from not having any “real” employment.  So, if anyone is feelin’ the need for a burger fix and y’all are in the Short Pump region of Richmond, come say hi to me!  I am also working as a babysitter for a mom in our church.  It has been a while since I’ve babysat on a regular basis, but I’ve taken care of enough babies in my lifetime to know the drill.  🙂

To answer the question of many, yes I’m still looking for a job in a hospital.  I would prefer to work on a pediatric unit, but those usually require experience.  I am still hoping to become a pediatric nurse practitioner (eventually), so the experience with pediatrics would be beneficial.  At this point, I am willing to work (almost) anywhere just to gain experience, which is what most employers are looking for. 

Also, when I get my RN license, I will be able to register for my RN-BSN classes at Liberty University Online, thus continuing the journey of this nursing student.  I would really like to take a couple classes this semester, but we shall see what the Lord has in store. 

In my spare time, I have been working on all my Outrunning Mito stuff.  I’m really hoping to get a little more progress on sponsorship and raising awareness before school and work take control back over my life.  Two weeks from now is Mito Awareness Week, and I’m hoping to have a couple of activities in line for that week.  I’ll post a little more about that later this week (hopefully). 

Well, that’s the big news!  I’ll keep y’all posted on the next steps the Lord guides me to take.  Thank you again for all the prayers and encouragement over the past few years!  I have been so blessed by all the little notes and conversations.


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