The "well-it’s-about-time!!" update

Well, I realized last night as I was getting ready for bed that I have neglected this blog, and I have so much to write about!!!  *big breath* So, here it goes:
I am officially a part of Liberty University Online in their RN-BSN program!  As soon as I got my RN license, I called Liberty (who had me under conditional acceptance, but they needed my license) so I could register for classes.  In all, I had about a 3 month break between classes/degrees.  🙂  As of today, I am 2 weeks away from finishing my first two classes, and have registered for the next 8 week session!  Fortunately, all my classes will be in 8 week format, so it goes by quickly.  Right now, I am taking Apologetics and Bible Lit, classes Liberty requires for graduation (seeing as they are a private Christian school…)  I worked out what I need, and I should graduate with my BSN by Spring 2013!  That gives me enough time to take the GRE and finish my application to Grad school, either at VCU or JMU, which brings me to my next update…

David has been looking into PA school (Physician Assistant).  It’s like a Nurse Practitioner, where they work under a doctor.  There are only 4 PA schools in VA, but the one we are looking at is at JMU in Harrisonburg.  We went to an information session this past weekend, and fell in love with the program!  It will be tough, maybe even as tough as nursing school!  It’s a 7 semester, straight-through program.  The downside of everything is that I will have to work full time to support us (David won’t be able to have a full-time job and go to PA school), and his 3 semesters of clinicals will send him all over the state for 4 weeks at a time.  However, being a PA will give David the kind of stimulating job with the ability to specialize in Interventional Radiology (where he is working now as a tech) as well as do fellowships and go into other fields, such as general medicine or surgery.  For right now, we are looking for him to be able to take the last few prerequisites he needs to apply this summer.  If he gets accepted for 2013, we will be moving to the Charlottesville/Staunton/Harrisonburg area that spring or summer. 

My last little update…  We are having baby!!!!!  Yup, we will be welcoming an addition to our little family sometime around June 13, 2012!  As of today, I am 12 weeks, 5 days pregnant.  Who’s counting?  Me. I found out I was pregnant exactly 1 year, 2 days after finding out last year; the pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage.  Thus, I’ve been sorta freaking out about this pregnancy.  But, we passed the anniversary of my miscarriage, and this baby is doing great!!  At our appointment last week,our baby had grown from a 3/4″ blob at the last ultrasound to a whopping 2″ baby!!!  The heart rate was normal, and Baby was very active, wiggling all over the place.  I can’t wait to feel his/her movements next month or two.

12w3d pregnant! Yes, I’m showing already!

Baby Winyard, 12 weeks old!  

So, I think that’s all the news I’ve been hiding…  Please pray that David and I will make wise decisions regarding our very near future, both with this baby and with his job/education situation.  We want to do what is best for our growing family. 

See you in a few weeks!


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