It is currently 1:08AM, and I am sitting in the ER of Memorial Regional Hospital with David, who began experiencing that familiar chest pain again.  Usually, he develops a cold, he gets kinda better, then the cold goes deep into his lungs and within 3 days, he has severe chest pain and shortness of breath.  We have been in the ER 3 times since that lovely acute onset back in January 2009 when he was taken by ambulance to MCV due to heart attack symptoms (the day before I started nursing school…).  So, since my poor tired, pregnant brain cannot comprehend researching Compassion Fatigue for my APA writing class, I have time to think about everything that has happened since the beginning of this year.

With much joy, I completed my first half-semester at Liberty University Online in December.  It’s kinda funny, but even when I graduated from J Sarg, I never experienced the same relief and “oh-my-gosh, I can’t believe I’m done!” that David had when he graduated from VCU.  It’s probably because when I graduated from nursing school, I was immediately applying to Liberty to be able to work towards my BSN.  As soon as I passed the NCLEX, I was registering for fall classes.  So, my Christmas break was spent ordering textbooks, figuring out what classes I needed to take in what order, and bracing myself for a heck of a Spring 2012!

My thought process when registering for classes was that I would take as many classes as possible this Spring, maybe one class in the summer, and take it easy for Fall 2012/Spring 2013 to graduate in May 2013.  Becoming pregnant certainly helped that thought process – “If I take a bunch of classes now, than I can ‘chill’ and take only a few classes when Baby gets here.”  Unfortunately, I really underestimated how difficult 3 online, 8-week classes would be! 

I’m currently taking Health Assessment (Liberty doesn’t accept J Sarg’s health assessment, though it’s the same book…), Theology 104 (basic theology), and Advance Nursing Communication (where I learn how to write an APA paper and read a lot about provider-patient communication).  In all, it’s a lot of assignments, group projects, and readings.  While I’m so grateful I’ve gotten through the first trimester fatigue, this pregnancy isn’t making things easy.

On top of everything else, I finally got a job as a nurse!!!  One of the ladies in my church told me of a position on her floor at St. Mary’s, the same hospital where David works.  After playing phone tag with the nurse supervisor for over a month, I finally had an interview.  Within a week, I received a full time nights position!  I start this coming Monday.  The upside:  I finally have a nursing job on a floor that will give me great experience!  The downside:  I suddenly have orientation for at least 2 weeks, Monday through Friday, 8AM-4:30PM.  Those who know me well understand that I didn’t do mornings in nursing school, and I certainly don’t do mornings while pregnant!!!  So, on top of normal tired, I will be extra tired during the day, and have to figure out how to get all my school done on a dead-tired brain…  Yeah, this is gonna be fun.

Don’t get me wrong – I am grateful beyond words to get this job, have the ability to go to school to get my BSN, and be able to experience the excitement, joy, and discomfort associated with growing a miracle!  Most of all, I am so eternally grateful to be married to a man who is willing to do the dishes, go grocery shopping, make dinner every week, and clean the house so his crazy wife can finish her education.  David has been such an enormous help, both with my school and putting up with me being pregnant.  One would think that all the difficulties we’ve had with being in school together/for so long would start to wear on our marriage, but we have gotten stronger and closer as the years roll on.  It’s only been 3 years since we said, “I do,” but what a joy it has been to go through this journey together!  I’m sure it will be filled with much laughter, some tears, and (hopefully) not many more visits to the ER…


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