Only half crazy

So, I know this blog is supposed to be about my life as a nursing student.  However, I cope with being a perpetual nursing student by running.  And today, I just completed possibly the craziest run I have ever done!

Thursday evening, my husband is out with his coworkers celebrating Radiologist Technologist week by eating dinner at a very nice restaurant.  He sends me a text asking if I know anyone who wants to run the Richmond Half Marathon this Saturday.  One of the reps he works with had something else come up and was giving away her registration.  I (half jokingly) texted Hubbs back with, “Me!!!!!”  His response: “Serious?! Can you go that far?”

For those who aren’t familiar with running distances, a half marathon is 13.1 miles.  I have run two in 2010 and 2011, but I have been in racing form since last Thanksgiving, thanks to being pregnant for 9 months.  I am currently beginning Week 3 of training for the Shamrock Half Marathon in VA Beach on St. Patrick’s Day.  And, in the 3 months that I’ve been running with Cole, the farthest I’ve gone is 5.78 miles.  So, “Can you go that far?”  Hmm…  Suuuuuure, why not!?!!

I call my mom.  I consider Mom my personal running guru.  She has read and talked with more running “experts” than I have, and she has been doing it for longer.  So, I tell her that I’m doing a half in 36 hours.  Needless to say, she thinks I’m crazy, insane, and a little on the stupid side – I agree.  Now normally, I’m a pretty quiet, happy-go-lucky kinda girl.  I don’t do a lot of reckless, risky things.  Yet there is a competitor in me that comes out with running, or really anything that people think is crazy/insane/can’t be done.  Suddenly, I have something to prove.  This meek lil’ gal will transform into a determined competitor with tremendous will power.  I’m not the fastest girl on the block, but I’ve got grit.

So yes, my mom warns me that I’m defying every rule every trainer has ever set – don’t start training for a half unless you have been running for 6 months.  Don’t increase your weekly milage by more than 10%.  If you do, you will be injured and out for many months.  I have heard all this on numerous occasions.  But, Mom and I both know at this point that even though I’m asking if this can be done, I’ve already made up my mind to do it.  She tells me to complete it in 3 hours – I automatically think, “Okay, that means I’ll try to beat that and do it in 2:30!”  She tells me to run a mile, walk a mile.  Don’t run more than 8 miles total – walk for at least 5.  Go at a 10:30min/mile pace at the fastest.  Walk every hill.  Go faster or farther, and you are drastically increasing your risk of injury.

Skip ahead 38 hours, and I’m finishing.  No, I don’t walk 5 miles.  I’m not really sure if I walked a total of 1 mile!  I stayed around a 10:30 pace, but not for the second half.  I did walk every hill (except two).  And my time: 2:25:25!!!!!

 Exactly 5 months, 1 day after giving birth to Cole, I am out and running 13.1 miles; a half marathon!!!  Not only do I attempt that distance, but I complete it!!!!  And, I do it under 2:30!!!!!!  Yes, I’m sore.  My legs went numb about halfway through the race, except for the blisters.  I felt those.  My abs are killing me.  Getting up from the floor to standing is slow.  But, I can still walk.  The aches I feel are not setting off any red flags, so I may have skated by yet another insane feat without injury.  I have confirmed to my friends and family that yes, I am very crazy/insane/determined (and yet, they still love me!).  When I called my mom afterwards and told her that I finished, wanna know her response?  “I knew you would.”  And her response when I told her I didn’t walk? “I knew you would.”  Ahh, how well she knows me.  🙂

I think the best part of today was not the medal, the shirt, or even the free pizza.  It was proving to myself that I can accomplish what I set my mind to.  There were many points in the race where I looked around and thought, “Man!  I’m actually running a half marathon!!!”

And best of all, I now know that I am Super Mommy!!!


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