Returning to life

While sitting here trying not to do school, I decided to change the lack of posting that has gone on in my blog and update everyone on Life so far.  Much has changed…

First of all, I’m a MOM!!!!!!!  My precious little man, finally dubbed William Cole Winyard, was born June 9, 2012 at 3:21am, weighing in at 8lbs 2oz and 21in long!  My pregnancy was medically stable, though it was a very very long, painful 9 months.  I was unable to run due to excruciating sciatic nerve pain (thanks to pregnancy hormones and Ehlors-Danlos).

I am still an employee of St. Mary’s, a Bon Secours hospital near the Fan.  While I was hired to do three 12hr night shift, but was able to return to work doing evening shift part time.  I started working there in February (5 months pregnant) and went on maternity leave 4 days before Cole was born in June.  I have since returned to work and have been working solo (off orientation) since September.  My unit is pretty crazy (literally!), but it gives me the opportunity to learn oh so much and I enjoy working with the ladies and gents of 2 North. 

On a side note, if anyone is 5 months pregnant, going through new employee orientation at their new job and taking three 8-week online classes for their bachelor’s, I personally do NOT recommend it.  I have been there, and it is not worth the stress.  Not only will you be all but brain dead from the amount of information that pummels you in orientation, but then you get to go home and do homework while everyone else gets to relax.  It sucks.  Trust me.

So, besides being so much in love with my boys (Little Man and Hubbs), I’m dancing through life by working part time and taking only one 8-week class at a time.  At this rate, I will be set to receive my BSN by August 2014.  I’m back running (thank the Lord Almighty!!) and am currently training for a half marathon on St. Patrick’s Day in Virginia Beach.  Cole has been such a wonderful running partner – he falls asleep within the first half mile and doesn’t wake up until we are done!

In talking to Hubbs today, our lives have been very different over the past 5 months.  We can no longer just do what we want – if we want to go on a date, we have to have someone watch Cole.  If David wants to hang out with his buddies, we have to plan it around my work schedule.  I’m not gonna lie – it can be challenging and slightly stressful to try and coordinate childcare for an infant!  I have gained a HUGE respect for single and full-time working moms.  I’m working part time and struggling to keep up with school work, house work, dinner, and time with family!  While I am envious of stay at home moms, I know that I am not there yet.  I hope to be home with my children all day, every day, but I’m not there yet.  It’s not my time.  But until then, I will relish and cherish every moment I have with Little Man and Hubbs while devoting myself to my patients during my time away! 


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