Compromise revised + Monument 10k

Well, I didn’t drop my class.  I called the people at Liberty to find out if it was too late and what fees would be involved.  Turns out it would cost a lot to drop the course, with no reimbursement from my hospital.  So, after talking it over with Hubby (and lots of prayer), it was decided that I should continue to plug away at this course (it’s only 4 more weeks) and then take the summer and fall off until Hubby finishes his prerequisites for PA school.  I will resume my classes in the interim before PA school starts.  I have to say, I’m glad I’m still studying Philosophy.  It’s much more interesting than originally feared.  Since it is being taught from a Christian perspective, it feels like there is meaning to philosophy – why do you believe what you believe?  How do you know that to be true?  These are questions every Christian will encounter at some point, and knowing how to answer is a great way to witness.

In all other news, I completed my 5th Ukrops Monument Ave 10K this Saturday!  I missed it last year because I was 8 months pregnant (lame, I know), so I was very excited to be back!!  Due to a funky “injury” to my left rib/abdomen that has resurfaced and not making time to run, I didn’t get the PR I was hoping for.  So, I “settled” for a goal of finishing in 55 minutes or less.  Official time: 55:17!

My racing tradition – obnoxiously bright green fingernails!
Me and “my boys”, Tyler and Brian

Two of David’s best buds ran the 10k joined at the… ankle.  Their 3-legged race was part of Brian’s work with Team Xtreme, to honor veterans who have lost limbs and therefore must learn to live a different kind of life.

Decked out in my all-green running outfit!
The 3-legged Team Xtreme!

The weather was absolutely perfect for running – cool but not cold, slight breaths of wind without being windy, and sunny, clear skies!  By far, the best 10k weather in quite a long time.  Usually, it’s overcast and drizzly.  Little Man did so good for Daddy.  He is getting to be quite a pro at “surviving” these races!  The one downside to such beautiful weather after a long winter: forgetting to wear/bring sunscreen.  My aloe plant is being put to work, for I am sporting a very deep shade of pink on my arms, face, and upper back.

Note to self: wear sunscreeen at the next race

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