Cold Feet

Yes, I’m starting to have cold feet regarding something I’ve been dreaming of and planning for these past 6 months.

That’s right.  One of my goals for 2013 was to complete a 26.2 mile race, otherwise known as the marathon.  As of today, I have run 4 half marathons (13.1 miles), with my fifth scheduled for June 1.  I have been saving my spending money so that I will be able to register for the SportsBackers Marathon Training Team, who have reputation of excellence.  I’ve never been truly consistent with my training.  I get sick, get hurt, or have a crazy work/school week, and it takes so much effort just to get out the door.  I always have a week or two of good consistency, and then it peeters out until I can jump start my motivation again.  I follow very loose training plans – really, they’re more like guidelines than actual rules, right??  I do excel in my training when I run with a group.  I love my Tuesday and Thursday night groups because they are a great group of runners who help push me past my comfort zone.  I run faster and stronger when I run with them consistently.  Since having Little Man, making sure there is child care available for me to get to the run on time has added one more layer of difficulty in getting out the door to run.

So, I want to join the MTT (Marathon Training Team) for the motivation to keep on schedule.  For a group of runners to push me past my comfort level.  For the camaraderie.

As the deadline gets closer, and I get ready to pay the steep registration fee, I’m starting to second guess myself.  Will I really be able to do this??  What if I fail?  What if I lose my motivation or go back to my old, inconsistent ways?  I’ve screwed around my training so many times, and still complete my races in decent times.  But with the marathon, you need to be dedicated.  Committed.  Consistent.  You don’t screw around with the Marathon.

I want to run the marathon for the sense of accomplishment.  To proudly say, “I completed 26.2 miles.”  To join the ranks of serious runners.  I don’t plan on exclusively running marathon races – I just want to complete one in my lifetime.  I see now as the best possible time because I’m young and I have only 1 child.

Yes, I know many people will think I’m crazy for wanting to do a marathon.  A lot of runners I know think I’m crazy for wanting to run the marathon.  But that’s part of the thrill.  To set your mind to do something that’s so totally outside your own comfort zone.  It makes the accomplishment that much greater.

So for right now, I’m kinda freaking out.  But, this is something I really really want to do.  On November 16, I hope to be running Richmond.


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