Mommy musings

In the past, my athletic pursuits have always been personal.  I set goals, I make the time to train, and I log the miles.  I run the race (with the support of my awesome hubby)!  Running, while it can be a team sport, is very personal.  For the last 6 years, it has been my sanity, my stress-relief.  Providing moments of epiphany and clarity.  For the most part, I run to be alone.

Until now.

When I was pregnant with Little Man, I was in so much sciatic nerve pain that I could barely walk.  Running was out of the question.  My last run was a Thanksgiving 5k with my little sister – I was 10 weeks pregnant.  This time around, I have been so very fortunate to have been able to continue running.  At 6 months pregnant, I completed a half marathon. 

At the start


My hope is that by running, I will show my sons what it means to live a healthy lifestyle.  I want to teach my sons what it means to work hard.  Learn to push themselves past their comfort zone.  Discover patience and perseverance.   Athletic pursuits are the perfect medium to learn these lessons.  I know Little Man is already catching on.  When I move towards my running bag, he looks excitedly at me, points to my neon shoes, and says, “Mommy running shoes!”  He just recently learned how to “Run! Fast!”  He knows that Daddy likes to ride his bike and “uni” (yes, Hubby rides a unicycle), and Mommy runs. 

So, what does that mean right now?  It means I will continue to go on walks with Little Man, attend cycling classes at the gym, and attempt some yoga or weight lifting.  Once Baby Thunder is born, I hope to pick up right where I left off with my running goals.  Here are my 2015 aspirations (not necessarily in order): Run a Boston-qualifying marathon of 3:28 or better.  Run the Boston marathon.  Complete a triathlon.

How did you stay fit while pregnant?
What do you hope to teach your kids?
What are your running goals, either for the rest of this year or 2015?

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