My life in boxes

Next weekend, our family becomes a little more grown up.  We will be moving from apartment-living to house-renting!  It’s only 10 minutes away from where we are now, but it will be such a welcome change (despite it happening while I’m 8 months pregnant)!  A real kitchen – the oven actually comes with a timer! – full size washer and dryer, fenced in yard, and two bathrooms (which will be a welcome relief for this pregnant lady). 

But until July 12, and probably a little afterwards, this is the state of my home:

The bedroom
Little Man’s room
Even Little Man has started packing! 
The bad news for this weekend is that I had my 31 week/8 month OB appointment yesterday.  I have a genetic condition that can lead to preterm labor, so I have appointments every 2 weeks.  Yesterday, my OB found out that I’ve been having contractions for the past 2 weeks.  Nothing painful or regular, but definitely Braxton Hicks every day.  Combine that with the mentality of a distance runner taught to ignore “minor” bodily discomfort, and it’s enough to make any doctor a little cautious.  So, after a 2 hour appointment with lots of checks, I have been put on “light duty” for this weekend and will be seen again on Monday.  It helps that I’ve been too exhausted to do much today; Baby must be going through another growth spurt.  But, it looks like my pregnant running days are over.  Here’s to doing yoga, swimming, and maybe some cycling classes for the next 2 months (hoping we make it that long). 

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