Baby Thunder

Allow me to introduce you to the creature that has been inhabiting my body for the last 8 months.  World, meet Baby Thunder:

This acrobatic baby has a foot AND hand up by his head

I’m sure you are more than curious to know how he got his name.  It’s quite a cute story:  Little Man came to his first ultrasound with me about 2 months ago.  He quietly observed all the equipment and gadgets, constantly pointing and asking, “Whas dat?”  When the ultrasound tech came in the room, he stopped asking anything and avoided her eye contact.

Until she played the heartbeat. 

As soon as he heard and saw the heartbeat up on the monitor, he looked up at me with this astonished face and said, “Nuner!” (thunder).  From then on, she was his best friend.  Now, every 2 weeks when we go to the doctor, Cole eagerly climbs in his chair, tells me to sit down, and asks the ultrasound tech and high risk OB at least 3 times to hear “Nuner”.  While we see a different tech each time, the doctor played it last week before Cole could ask.  🙂

So until he makes his debut, he will be known to the world as Baby Thunder. 

What nicknames did your older kids give the younger ones?

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