The verdict

So, I had my follow up appointment today.  I saw yet another OB, so she wasn’t too worried with my contractions.  Recommendations: continue taking it easy on moving day, go ahead with yoga and cycling classes, and if the contractions are held at bay then I can pick up running again.  Given that I am 31 weeks pregnant and live in humid Virginia, I think I will resume running after Baby Thunder arrives.  But, I’ll continue to keep up my fitness by going to Gentle Yoga, Cycle, maybe some swimming, and chasing Little Man. 

In moving news, this is the result of our July 4th weekend:

Little Man watching Cars, oblivious to the surrounding boxes
Thanks to my awesome Hubby, we are 75% packed!  Little Man’s room and the living room are all in boxes (as you can see), our bedroom and the bathroom are nearly finished, and I’ll be working on the kitchen/pantry the rest of this week.  🙂  I’m so excited to be moving to a house, but a little daunted at the prospect of packing and then setting up my kitchen…  Here’s to hoping I have enough energy to make it through Moving Day!  🙂  
Any tips on moving?  Kitchen packing?

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