July 4th recap

Our July 4th fireworks actually happened on July 5th.  They were originally scheduled for July 3rd, but the threat of rain from Hurricane Arthur postponed the event to Saturday.

Our July 4th weekend started off with packing.  It was the only weekend Hubby and I had left before we move, and since I can’t fit, reach, or move things like I used to, we decided to spend as much of the weekend amongst the boxes.

Initially, we had discussed going to Washington DC to watch fireworks.  I had spent my entire childhood traveling to DC every July 4th, and had not been back since getting married 5 1/2 years ago.  But, with me being 8 months pregnant, on “light duty” from the OB due to multiple contractions, and having to pack, we decided to stay local.  It ended up being a great experience!  Richmond was recently ranked #1 to celebrate July 4th, and we have to agree!  🙂  Little Man’s first real experience with fireworks was precious!  He normally goes to bed between 7:30pm and 8:30pm, so he was all wired at 9:15pm  when we were waiting for the fireworks.  He kept running circles around our chairs, proudly telling us “Running!” and frequently pointing out the firetruck, “lights ambulance!”, and police car.

And then, the fireworks went off.  With the first 3, he was mesmerized.  With each one, he looked over at Hubby and said, “Boom!”  When he realized they weren’t stopping any time soon, he decided he was “All done!” and needed Mommy and Monkey snuggles.

Despite him looking more freaked out than the previous picture, Little Man was actually enjoying himself at this point.
After a few more minutes of cautiously looking over his shoulder to observe the fireworks, he realized they weren’t so bad and flipped around to watch them properly.  By the finale, he had decided they were pretty cool.  Ever since, he has been asking for more fireworks.
How was your July 4th?

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