Here we go again…

Let me start off by saying, for the record, I don’t do pregnancy very well.

When I was pregnant with Little Man, I had a frequent issues with blood pressure. As in low blood pressure, that would rebound to very high.

Most people tend to freak out when a pregnant lady is clammy, has a high heart rate, low or high blood pressure, and complaining of chest discomfort.  As such, these frequent “attacks” led to more ER visits and IV fluid boluses than I cared for.  It didn’t help that at that time I worked 2 floors above the ER.  Well, after many ER visits, becoming established with a cardiologist and an electrophysiologist (special type of cardiologist), and wearing a Holter heart monitor for 1 month, it pretty much went away.  A few months later, Little Man was born as healthy as could be! 

This time around, I have been chugging 2-4 liters of Powerade Zeros, Nuun tablets, and water every day, hoping to hold at bay whatever was causing the low blood pressure “spells”.

And then today, it happened.  Woke up feeling weird, but passed it off as low blood sugar since I had just woken up.  Ate breakfast, went to work.  Got through seeing my first patient just fine.  And then, at 9am, it hit.  Between 9am and 10:15, my blood pressure bottomed out and then rebounded, getting up to 140/90 with a heart rate of 115.  Throw in some shaking from the adrenaline, paleness, and being clammy, and my coworkers got to know a whole new side of me!  Honestly though, they were amazing!  🙂  I hardly had to do anything.  They took care of monitoring all my vital signs, calling my OB, and notifying Hubby.  I was home by 10:15am with a normal BP, hoping to recover at home versus going to the ER. 

In hindsight, I probably should have gone in.  It took nearly 10 hours, at least 4 liters of fluid, and a lot of lying around to get me back to feeling human again.  But, I am doing well, Baby Thunder thought all the attention was pretty exciting (seeing as he moved the whole time), and I see my cardiologist on Thursday.

Here’s to hoping for a “normal” Wednesday, some answers on Thursday, and an easy move this weekend!


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