All grown up

It’s official – we moved!! Though we are still living amidst boxes and have some cleaning to do at the old place, we have moved our official residence!

After being married for 5 1/2 years, we finally feel all grown up – our new residence is a house!!! Given the uncertainty of our future – whether or not Hubby continues to pursue PA school, which will mean moving cities – we are continuing to rent.

On moving day, I was 32 weeks pregnant. Given that fact and my most recent blood pressure issues, my ability to remain vertical for any length of time is next to nil. Which makes moving a little more challenging. Fortunately, I have a large family, who were amazing at moving all our furniture, boxes, and helping to unpack or set up the essentials! 🙂

Little Man is more than happy with his change of abode. He has his own room with his own toys, a big kitchen where he loves to help, and a yard with dirt (as evidenced by the photo)! We are still waiting for the stress of the change to decrease before switching him from the crib to his big boy bed. Hopefully that will happen sometime before Baby Thunder’s debut…

Will post pictures of the house soon! 🙂


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