All grown up, in pictures!

So, remember that one where we moved and I promised pictures?  Well, WE HAVE INTERNET AGAIN!!!  🙂  Which means I can share those pictures!  🙂

Little Man’s room

 Little Man finally has his own bedroom!  When I was pregnant with him, everyone kept asking me what his nursery theme was.  I told them Space-Saver… as in try to utilize the little space in his room as much as possible!  His room consisted of his crib and changing table along with my desk and our DVD collection.  It was a small apartment. 
Now, he has his very own little space, with all his toys in one space!  He still isn’t a fan of his new toddler bed, but ya can’t blame him.  I think the move was pretty traumatic for him, but he is adjusting well.

 This living room is the size of our old living room and dining room combined!  And yes, those are (mostly) all of Hubby’s guitars on the wall.  We are still in the process of hanging pictures and figuring out what to do with my sewing and knitting things…

And last of all…

My pride and joy – the kitchen!!!  Let me start off by saying, I love to cook.  I grew up in the kitchen.  So to finally have a kitchen that was not considered an after-thought is just amazing!  I have an oven that comes with a timer!  The two previous apartments we lived in had ovens that were as old, if not older, than me.  And I have never had so many cabinets in my married life!  The very first apartment we lived in had 2 cabinets.  That’s it.  When we moved in 2010, we upgraded to 2 full sized cabinets and 2 small ones over the stove.  Now, I have FIVE full sized cabinets!!!  *superhappydance*  I still don’t really know what to put in them all. 

That’s all I got right now.  Baby Thunder’s room has furniture in it – the crib (which Little Man is currently still sleeping in), the changing table (half filled with Little Man’s clothes), and my rocking chair.  We still stumble around boxes in our bedroom.  But, the essentials are done, which is all I can ask for right now.  My energy levels have tanked to an all-time low.  I thought this kind of fatigue was only in the first trimester?? 

When the house is more-done, I promise more pictures.  😉


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