"Listen to your body"


I heard that word described of me more this pregnancy than when I was training for my marathon last year.  Why?  Because I ran a half marathon at 6 months pregnant. 

Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon, May 2014

Then I read these interviews, and feel that I’m pretty normal.  🙂

 I love to read blogs and posts of women who remain active throughout their pregnancy.  I think this is the best advice any woman can receive while pregnant: “Listen to your body. Also, learn to hydrate and fuel well, as you’ll likely need to pay closer attention during your pregnancy” (http://ubermotherrunner.com/2014/07/07/stephanie-tang-interview/).  I wish I had the energy right now to continue running or lift weights, but I can barely keep track of Little Man these days.  But, I am so grateful that my body allowed me to 1) run at all this pregnancy, and 2) run 13.1 miles at 25 weeks pregnant.  I’m still figuring out how to hydrate and fuel well, even though I’m not running anymore. 

I may never be able to run 26.2 continuous miles while pregnant.  And that’s okay.  While I love pushing and testing my physical and mental strength, it is just as important to listen to my body and accept its limitations. So, I will continue to accept my current limitations and not compare myself to other “uber mother runners” who can run ultras while in their third trimester.  🙂  


One thought on “"Listen to your body"

  1. Great job, mamma! I kept up double digit runs through about 30 weeks. (I'm 33 weeks now and having some pelvic pain; so maxing out at 6 miles.) You are totally right in just listening to your body.

    And it is difficult to accept limitations, especially if you are used to do so much more, so much faster. I know that that's the reason I have entered many races. I just can't live with those finish line times! However, if I trot around the neighborhood with no watch, ignorance is bliss. Haha.

    Keep up the good work!


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