A Mother’s Joy

The heart of a home is the kitchen.

This was certainly true in my life. As one of the oldest children in a family of eight kids, I spent a great deal of time helping Mom prep, bake, and cook meals. By the time I was 14, I could easily make an entire dinner for all ten of us in a timely fashion.  Many of my fondest memories were in the kitchen.

I love all things cooking. The kitchen is easily my favorite room in the whole house. There is a reason my living room is still only half unpacked one week after moving in, whereas my kitchen was fully functional within 24 hours. 🙂

Food is such a challenging topic in our culture today.  For several people, it is an addiction.  Some see food as fuel; others see it as a form of art.  It can bring families together, be the means of showing hospitality to friends and strangers, and fulfill a basic need.

As such, it is my intention to teach my children – especially my boys – how to cook. I want to teach them how to pick healthy snacks, the importance of cleaning up after yourself, and how cook one or two meals well.  But most importantly, I want to form memories with them.

By the looks of it, I’m well on my way.

Learning to “wash dishes” aka playing in bubbles
Learning colors and numbers with muffin cup liners
So grateful to finally have a kitchen where the two of us fit and can learn together!  Little Man played in the kitchen sink for the first time today, learning to “wash dishes” aka play in bubbles.  And he accurately identified the muffin liner colors, and we started learning how to count to 12.  🙂  

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