Baby Bump update and Life

Hello, 34 weeks!  Hard to believe that Baby Thunder will be considered full term in less than a month.  I still feel like I have such a long ways to go…  Maybe that is the denial talking?

Still surrounded by boxes

Yup, definitely still in denial…  Since Little Man transitioned to his big boy bed *happy dance!*, that means I now have full access to Baby Thunder’s room during nap time.  Assuming I’m not the one napping…  🙂  My project this weekend (assuming I’m not in another energy crisis) will be to “finish” Baby Thunder’s room and figure out if there is anything else we need.

Proof that Little Man still takes naps!

Speaking of 34 weeks, here is how the baby bump is looking:

Baby Bump update

Total weight gain: According to my “I’m Expecting” app, I’ve gained 25 pounds total thus far.  Woo-hoo!  With my first pregnancy, I gained a little over 50! 

Gender: Still a boy!  We’ve started telling the ultrasound techs that yes, we know it’s a boy, and we would really not have any more pictures proving that fact!  😉

Movement: I think the fact that I’ve been so active this pregnancy has translated to him being just as active!  Though he always likes to play with my internal organs right when I’m exhausted and trying to get to sleep.  Speaking of which…

Sleep: It doesn’t seem to matter how much or how well I sleep – I’m always tired! It takes me a while to find a comfortable position (especially when Baby Thunder is trying to play soccer with my kidneys), but I have been able to stay asleep once I get there. 

What I miss:  Running!  Our family went for a walk on Tuesday, and since Little Man was losing it, I asked him to run with me (it usually works).  I ran for several yards, then ran back, and my lower pelvis has hurt so bad since then that I will probably not try that again until after Baby Thunder comes…  I do also miss being able to have a glass of wine in the evenings. 

Cravings:  To go for a nice, long run…

Symptoms: Sciatica!  It’s been getting worse this past week.  Fatigue, leg cramps, Braxton Hicks… the usual 3rd trimester fun stuff!

Maternity clothes: Mostly!  However, I can still fit in my Adidas shorts and a few race shirts that were kinda big for my pre-pregnant self.  🙂  I love me some technical shirts!  Remember that half marathon I ran in May?  Well, I got a Small race shirt, and I still fit in it!  🙂

Best moment this week:  Going to a yoga class for the first time in a very long time!  🙂

I’ll talk more about the yoga tomorrow…


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