Open Doors

So, things have been a little quiet on the home front these days.  Blog-wise, at least.  Haven’t been quite sure how to put these last few weeks into words.

Sometimes we think He opens a door, but we aren’t really sure at that time, so it requires a leap of faith to go through it and see what happens.  When we cross the threshold, we can look back and see how God provided that opportunity and that it was the right decision.  Or we try to go through and it slams in our face.  And sometimes, He opens a door and shoves you through it, causing us to surrender our plans and exclaim, “It’s a God-thing!”

That last one happened to Hubby and I nearly 7 weeks ago.  In the space of 3 short weeks, we went from going about our normal routine – waiting for Baby Thunder to arrive, going to our respective jobs, hanging out with Little Man – to Hubby putting in a job application with Siemens Healthcare within 2 days of hearing about an incredible opportunity, only to be turned down and offered another, more incredible opportunity that only God could have brought about.

On Monday, August 25, 2014, Hubby was offered (and accepted) a position as a Clinical Applications Specialist with Siemens Healthcare.  It is a wonderful opportunity for him, and for our family.  Down side: it is 90% very structured travel, and will require re-locating to Columbus, Ohio.  Looking at that last sentence, it is easy to think, “That sounds awful!  How can she say that this job is a ‘God-thing’ and a good choice for their family??”  All I can tell you is that this whole process has been so smooth, so full of unlooked-for blessings that there is no doubt that this move, this open door is God’s will for our family.  Here are a few:

We will be moving to a city where all of the in-laws will be within 45 minutes of us.  We are given a year to move (thank God I don’t have to pack up my wonderful house with a 4 week old!).  I can be a stay-at-home mom (though I won’t take advantage of that right away).  My husband gets to combine all of his skills and talents in a job that will enable him to grow and progress, including the option of potentially, eventually relocating back down south of the Mason-Dixon line. 

Will this be hard?  Yes.  I am terrified, excited, stressed, looking forward to the future, dreading the Ohio winters, missing my family – all in the same moment.  But I can rest in peace because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if He has provided for us so far, He will continue to meet our daily needs as we move forward on this New Adventure! 


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