New Adventures

Yes, the New Adventure has begun!  Two weeks ago, Hubby started his new job and I started my new life of being a stay at home mom (for my remaining 6 weeks) and single parent for 3-5 days per week!  Here is how we fared for week 1:
Monday – Hubby left in the afternoon since he didn’t have to be down in Cary, NC until dinner time.  It was a dreary, rainy day, so the boys and I just kinda hung out.
Saying goodbye to Daddy/Hubby

Tuesday – I decided to take the boys and “Uncle Wo” (my middle brother) apple picking at Dickie Brothers Orchard in Roseland, VA.  Little Man enjoyed picking “green apples” and hanging out with the farm labs, despite one of them stealing his apple.

Wednesday – Little Man decided it was a good day to hang out in Baby Thunder’s car seat.  Don’t worry, he didn’t stay there all afternoon.  🙂  I also washed a bushel of apples, in prep for making applesauce.  Also, we went to a women’s Bible study at church in the evening. 

One bushel of apples, waiting to be made into applesauce

 Thursday – My mom took me to Spirited Art as a belated birthday gift, where we drank wine and painted The Whimsical Fan.  Due to Hubby’s new job, we will be relocating to Columbus, OH next spring/summer.  As such, I wanted to make a little bit of home to keep with me.  The Fan is a section of Richmond where Hubby and I first lived when we got married. Now, I can take it wherever I go!  🙂

 And of course, since I was home all by myself all week, I got lots of snuggle time in with this little boy, at 11:30pm…

… and 4am…… not my favorite time of day…

Friday – Little Man talked on his “iPhone” aka the insert from Hubby’s iPhone packaging, and we waited for 3pm to bring Hubby home!

Overall, we had some fun, there were not too many meltdowns, and WE SURVIVED!!!  🙂


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