A Running Update

Nothing like a bad week to make you realize how desperately you need to take care of your own needs. In my case, that means going for a run.  So on this gorgeous afternoon, I loaded up these two handsome men in our trusty Orange Stroller (as Little Man has named it) and took off.
Pre-run: Little Man is obviously excited to spend some quality time with his Goldfish
Pre-run: Baby Thunder seems excited to be riding without his carseat.
I’m not gonna lie – pushing a double stroller with nearly 40 pounds of boy is no joke.  Especially when there is a hill involved.  I need to plan my route a little better next time to avoid said hill, at least until I get a little stronger.  Speaking of which, can running with 2 boys count as strength training?  🙂 
Post run
Even though my neck and shoulders are more sore from pushing the boys, this run felt amazing.  I feel an alertness that coffee cannot bring (despite not going to sleep until 2:30am and waking up every 2-3 hours, courtesy of Baby Thunder).  I feel happier than I have all week, and Little Man has actually gone nearly 3 hours without throwing a tantrum!  Which makes me realize something – I need to run.  Daily.  Or at least nearly every day.  Not only for losing those last 10 pounds or to Boston-qualify this spring; no, I need to run for my sanity.  To fight off the depression demons I feel closing in.  To feel awake and happy.
And if someone wants to watch my little men for even just 20 minutes, I would love to run in therapeutic peace.

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