Better days

So far, last week was awful.  Little Man was having a major meltdown multiple times a day.  We had doctor appointments, Bible study, attempts at play dates that turned into a screaming battle of wills (him screaming at me, not vise versa).  Thankfully, this week is much better.  Is it a great week?  Not necessarily.  But we are managing, and I have not had a tearful breakdown.  The daily running has probably helped with that.  🙂  Here is our week so far: 
My strength-training hill
This “hill” looks so easy, right?  Add a headwind/breeze and a 40+ pound double stroller, and this becomes no picnic!  So far, I’ve been taking the loop to run down it.  🙂
Carl’s ice cream in Fredericksburg
I may have over-dressed the boys for a “chilly” 70 degree run  
Much better! After our first 2 miler together
Bedtime routine
I love this picture!  And no, Baby Thunder does not sleep with his brother.  We were reading a bedtime book as part of Little Man’s routine, and Baby Thunder was starting to cry in his crib.  So, Little Man interrupts me and says, “Mommy, get Baby Funder.”  Yes, he still calls him Thunder.  🙂  So, I grabbed the baby, his pacifier, and my phone, and plopped him next to Little Man, who snuggled next to him.  And we finished reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  🙂  So for everyone who asks how Little Man likes his little brother, now you know.  🙂

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