The lack of Halloween

People have been asking me what Little Man is going to be for Halloween this year. I’ve been getting very strange looks when I say, “Himself”! Let me explain…

I have a lot going in right now. Probably too much!
1. Hubby started this new job, which means he is gone Monday thru Thursday or Friday.
2. Which means I hold down the fort with a Terrible Two year old who no longer naps, and 8 week old who has decided he doesn’t want to lie down to sleep this week. He only wants to sleep on Mommy, which means Mommy doesn’t sleep, which doesn’t work for anyone.
3. I signed up for the Richmond Half Marathon… in 3 weeks! So I’m running… but, that would be happening anyways, since that is my main coping mechanism.
4. I am taking my second – to – last college class for my BSN. Maybe not my smartest choice..
5. I’m starting to get a little desperate trying to find childcare so I get to go back to work. If I don’t find anything, then I will take it as a sign that my working days are at an end, for now. But I really like my job, and I would really like my 2 mornings a week to be with adults! 🙂

So no, a costume for my 2 year old is not even closer to my radar! And thank goodness he is young enough that it doesn’t matter.

Next year may be a different story…


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