Road trip – North Carolina

Last week, we got the opportunity to travel with Hubby – our first real road trip as a family of four! We went to Cary, NC, which is just a few minutes outside Raleigh.  We had a great time!  Hubby got some family time after being in class all day and we got to spend some time with some dear friends.  Both boys did great – Baby Thunder slept the whole time, and Little Man had fun quietly looking out his window looking at the trucks, cars, and planes.  
We stayed at a Homewood Suites, which was amazing!  Having enough room to spread out and keep a 2 year old entertained was wonderful.  Little Man slept on the sofa bed in the “living room”, and Baby Thunder stayed with us in his pack and play. 
Both boys chillin’ while I get our breakfast ready
Little Man was super excited to watch the Lego Movie during breakfast.
As I said earlier, I have a dear friend that lived near Cary.  This is the same friend that watched Little Man while I worked.  Between the two of us, there were 5 children ages 3 and under.  It was so refreshing to catch up and hang out together while the kids played together (as much as toddlers play together).  

Twins, anyone?
The two youngest, only 6 weeks apart
Baby Thunder and Baby Mericle
 Though I forgot to take a picture, I did manage to get in a quick 2 mile run on Lake Pine near the Apex Community Lake.  A local running buddy gave me a list of a few stroller-friendly routes, and Thursday was the only day that was warm enough to run in my only pair of running shorts (I left my capris at home cuz I thought it would be warmer than 35 degrees).  The boys did great, and it was my fastest stroller run yet!  I was grateful to get a quick run in before sitting in the car for another 3 hours…
Our lunch stop – Jason’s Deli!  Apparently we got dinner and a show…

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