Turkey trotting

I apologize for this late post – I started it the day after Thanksgiving and then Life got in the way.  🙂  Without further ado…
I have a tradition this time of year – to run on Thanksgiving.  This tradition for me started in 2005 or so, when my mom had signed my siblings up for a running club that ended with the annual Fredericksburg Turkey Trot.  This club, run by a close family friend, is what got my mom hooked on running, which ultimately made it’s way to me.  I was unable to participate in this running group because I happened to sprain my ankle very badly.  So, my 5k debut was in 2006.  And ever since I started running more seriously in 2009, I have run at least 3 miles on Thanksgiving.
Since we will be moving away from my beloved RVA (and because I couldn’t justify spending $35 for a 5k), I decided to run the Richmond Turkey Trot 10k at the University of Richmond.  My little sister wanted to run a turkey trot with me this year, so I signed her up to run her first 10k!
This race with her was very important for me.  We are 12 years apart, so I consider her my “first baby”.  In 2011, we ran her first 5k together at the Fredericksburg Turkey Trot.  This year, I got to run another new, bigger distance with her. 
Pre-race: Me and my sister (and Dad photo-bombing)

Okay, race review.  Holy hills, Batman!  Do not run this race and expect a PR – this is not a flat course!  But, it was beautiful.  The campus at UofR is beautiful!  We started by a little lake, ran some hills, ran part of a little trail (so glad I read that strollers were not allowed!), ran some more hills, and finished by the lake again.  It was a very chilly, drizzly morning, but it became quite nice once we started running.  I had signed Little Man up for the Kid’s Run (which ended up being a 200m dash), but Hubby didn’t want to stand around in the wet/cold with Baby Thunder while Miss Molly and I ran.  I’ll have to find another little race for him next year.  I really enjoyed the challenge of the hills, especially since it was on Thanksgiving (gotta earn that Pumpkin Pie!).  Miss Molly (my sister) and I finished in 1:04, beating my first (flat) 10k by at least a minute! 
Post-race selfie in the car!

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