Training plans

I still have not decided on a specific running goal.  But, I’m shopping around with regards to training plans, specifically for the marathon.
There are two marathon training plans I have been considering:  Hanson-Brooks and Run Less, Run Faster.
Hanson-Brooks had an interesting article in Runner’s World a few years back that sounded interesting.  The longest run of their training plan was 16 miles – yes, you read that right.  “Only” 16 miles for a marathon training plan?  They had you running 6 days a week, with the concept of cumulative fatigue.  This concept was that it taught you how to run on tired legs, to fight through the inevitable fatigue that comes in the latter half of the marathon.  In short, the whole program trained you for the last miles of the marathon; the last 16 miles, not the first 16.  
Initially, I was sold.  I really struggled with my first marathon; maybe this is the secret ingredient that will guarantee a BQ!  But, looking at it realistically, I would have to run 6 days a week.  Ugh.  I have never been able to consistently run more than 4 days a week, even in the midst of marathon training!  Add two small kids along for the ride, and the very idea feels overwhelmingly daunting.
I picked it up from the library this week before wanting to commit to buying it.  I’m intrigued.  Run a PR marathon with only 3 runs and 2 mandatory cross training days per week?  Interesting.  Doable?  Maybe.  A Speed workout, a Tempo, and a Long Run, with specific paces every week.  Having to go to the gym to cross-train via cycling, swimming, or rowing twice a week.  Going to the gym twice a week means I get the kids out of the house and doing something at least 2 days a week while Hubby is gone – that’s a win!  On the other hand, figuring out how to do the quality runs at specific paces with a stroller will be challenging.  A tempo run I could figure out; just go by effort than minutes per mile.  Speed workouts would require child care, at least during the winter months.  I could (theoretically) let them play on the infield while I run laps on a track in the spring and summer.  Pushing a 50+ pound stroller on a long run of 10 or more miles would be doable, but boring.  If worse comes to worse, there are always treadmills.  
I’m gonna keep reading, put this book on my Christmas wish list *hint-hint*, and probably give the 10k training plan a try.  After all, I’d really like a sub-50 minute 10k at Monument this year!  🙂

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