New clothes

Clothes.  The bane of my existence lately,  primarily because 1) I’m down to one pair of jeans, and 2) warm nursing tops are non-existent.  Motherhood Maternity has some cute summer/spring/fall tops, but nothing suitable for a girl who doesn’t like to be cold.  
And then I found Latched Mama, a Richmond – based company that sells affordable, functional nursing shirts and dresses.  I couldn’t wait to try them out! 
Can anyone say ,”Comfortable“???  I have all but lived in this sweatshirt for the last week!  It’s warm.  It’s modest (thank you, side-access-nursing).  It’s warm!  It has a pocket!!  Did I mention that I’ve been warm??  🙂  
I haven’t quite figured out the cowl part of this hoodie, but Baby Thunder has started to enjoy pulling at the strings.  The fabric is so soft.  I love that I can wear this shirt with another tank top underneath, by itself, or under my favorite black jacket.  And, it goes great with my one pair of jeans! 
It may not be the most trendy, but I’ll take functional over fashionable any day of the week.  If anyone has some extra Christmas money they are wanting to give away, this is next on my list: 
Size small, in Butter Cream, please!

Note: No, I’m not being paid to say any of this.  I just wanna share the love!  🙂


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