Year of Dates – January

So a few years ago, I came across this on Pintrest – A Year of Dates!

 Turns out, it was a lot harder than I thought.  I didn’t have the money to pre-pay for these dates, as is suggested (I still don’t).  Instead, I wrapped up 12 mostly empty manila envelopes with each month written across the top.  I had a few ideas in the first three, but nothing after March.  As a result, we didn’t follow through and our dates became hit or miss.

Having two small children and a husband who travels for work has made going out on a date very difficult.  So, I decided to give this idea another try.  I came across another blog that had the same concept, and I’m really bummed I can’t find it again because there were some really good ideas!  So instead, I’ll just share what I came up with!  And yes, I managed to channel my creative juices and come up with a variety date ideas for each month.

We had planned to go see the last Hobbit movie the weekend of our anniversary, but Hubby was sick with the flu.  So, we decided to fulfill January’s envelope and a bit early on December 29th since that is when we found childcare.

We went all out and went to Cinebistro, a luxurious (overpriced) movie theater that serves you food and alcohol to enjoy during the movie.  The movie did not live up to Hubby’s hopes or expectations and the food was only so-so, but it was lovely to return to MiddleEarth #OneLastTime! 

 What do you do for Date Night?

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